Saturday, September 6, 2014

How to Make Seitan

Seitan, Gluten Chicken or Beef Flavored Meat/Mince

All you need to know  about Seitan
To start you will need to make Seitan and it is very easy to make.

What you need to make Seitan dough/meat
I x cup of Gluten flour.
2 x - dessert spoons of non meat Chicken or Beef stock for flavor this is optional. 
1 x cup of cold water.

Mixing method.
1 & 2 - place all dry ingredient into bowl  3 - mix well 4 - pour cold water into dry mix and stir till combined 5 - then knead dough for a minute.

(Leave dough to rest for 30 minutes) 

Cooking method.
While the Seitan is resting 1 - place 1.5 liter of water into saucepan with 2 - 1 dessert spoon of chicken or beef seasoning again this is optional. Bring to boil. 3 - Cut Seitan into 4 slices 3 - then cut in half again. 4 - Place all pieces into boiling water. 5 - Place lid on saucepan and leave to cook for 30 minutes, do not take the lid off until cooked. 6 - let the Seitan rest for 10 minutes, then remove from stock. (Do not throw stock away you may want to add it to sauce mix.)

Mincing method.
The Seitan is now ready to turn into mince. You will notice the Seitan is slightly wet but don't worry when it goes through the mincer some of the water will be squeezed out.

1 - Cut the Seitan to fit into mincer 2 - mince, do not worry about the stock coming from the Seitan. 3 - When all the Seitan is minced place it into a sieve and let drain. I like to rinse mine under warm water after mincing, then leave it to fully drain. 4 - Below is the finished product, just under 1 kg of minced Seitan protein that can be used to make Lasagna, Rissoles/ Burgers, Spaghetti Bolognaise. 

All you have to do now is add herbs and spices to taste.

I use - (eg: Lotus Gluten Flour) 500gm

And for seasoning meatless (eg: Massel Seasoning) 

A mincer (eg: KMart Homemaker brand or at Walmart

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